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Henckels 4 Star 2 Piece Rock and Chop Set Regular Sale 139.99

Henckels 4 Star 2 Piece Rock and Chop Set Regular Sale 139.99

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Description How many things can you think of that look exactly the same as they did back in 1976 when they are fresh from production? Whether cars, electrical appliances or jeans: almost everything has a different design than it used to have. Almost. The FOUR STAR knife series from ZWILLING, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016, is an exception. And for good reason: Each individual knife is an example of how steel and plastic can be optimally combined to create a high-quality cutting tool. No wonder that the series is a global bestseller: Over 32 million FOUR STAR knives have been sold to date. And we haven't changed a thing to this day because there's nothing to improve.

Consist of:
  5.5" Prep Knife
  7" Rocking Santoku

Features & Benefits
  Made in Germany
  ZWILLING Special Formula Steel
  FRIODUR¨ blade, ice-hardened to ~57 Rockwell Hardness
  SIGMAFORGE¨ knife, forged from one single piece of steel
  Hand sharpened and polished
  Edge angle 15° on each side (10° on SantokuÕs)
  Laser controlled edge
  Classic full bolster
  Molded handle
  3/4 Tang
  Dishwasher safe (Hand-washing recommended)

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